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受賞先: Taiwan Association for Coating and Thin Film Technology(TACT2023)
受賞日: 2023年11月15日(水)

Excellence Award

受賞者: 保里 亮平(M2)
発表題目: Evaluation of Cross-Sectional Geometry Effect of Au polycrystalline micro-cantilever on bending strength

受賞者: 岩崎 亜美(M2)
発表題目: Supercritical CO2-Assisted Ni-P Electroless Plating of PEI 3D Components

Poster Award of Excellence

受賞者: 吉田 祥平(M2)
発表題目: Catalytic Activity of Heterogeneous Atomic Metal Clusters Decorated Polyaniline for Electrochemical Oxidation of 1-Propanol