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第163回 フロンティア材料研究所学術講演会(Professor John Ball) 6/19開催

  • 開催日時: 2023年6月19日(月) 13:30 ~ 14:30
  • 開催場所:  東京工業大学すずかけ台キャンパス J2棟19階 1901会議室
  • 言語: 英語

「Slip and twinning in Bravais lattices」

講演者:Professor John Ball, The President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

(Heriot-Watt University and Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh)

A survey is given on how both slip and twinning in Bravais lattices (without changes of shape due to phase transformations) can be described by rank-one connections between the infinite number of lattice-equivalent energy wells in the Ericksen theory. For cubic lattices we rigorously calculate the slips and twins of minimum shear amplitude, recovering results in the materials science literature, and discuss their conjugate rank-one connections. We remark that all rank-one connections for a Bravais lattice can be obtained explicitly in terms of those for the dual lattice (and vice versa), so that, for example, the rank-one connections for fcc can be obtained from those for bcc.