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2019年度 第16回先導原子力研究所コロキウム “モンゴルにおける原子力技術の動向” 12/11開催

  • 講師:ムンフバト ビヤマバジャワ (Munkhbat Byambajav) (モンゴル国立大学)
  • 日時:2019年12月11日(水) 15:00~16:30
  • 場所:北2号館6階会議室
  • 発表言語:英語


First speaker will talk about current structure of nuclear institutions in Mongolia, and briefly introduce role of each one. Nuclear Energy Commission of Mongolia is a main organization to oversee all nuclear activity including international relations. Then HRD activities are to be presented such as IAEA and JAEA supported ones. Lastly, speaker will provide brief information related to some of the expected nuclear projects in Mongolia.