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第11回先導原子力研究所コロキウム”Accident Tolerant Fuel? ” 10/10開催

米国MITより招聘しているWRHI特任教授・Ronald G. Ballinger先生より、現在のそして将来の原子力システムの材料学的な課題と展望についてご講演いただきます。Ballinger先生は原子力材料分野において世界的に著名な研究者で、国家保安やエネルギー戦略の観点からも多大な貢献をされています。是非、奮ってご参加ください。

  • 講師:Ronald G. Ballinger (Dept. of Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT)
  • 日時:2019年10月10日(木) 17:00~18:30
  • 場所:大岡山キャンパス 北2号館 6階 会議室
  • 発表言語:英語

Accident Tolerant Fuel?

The Fukushima accident has prompted the development of several advanced LWR fuel designs. The goal of these “Accident Tolerant Fuel” (ATF) designs is to provide improved robustness during a beyond design basis accident. In the US accident in question is a station blackout (SBO) event. However, the Fukushima accident has also resulted in mandatory plant modifications to mitigate against a SBO. Plant modifications-termed Diverse and Flexible Coping Strategies (FLEX) have been implemented at all US plants. In this talk the various ATF designs will be discussed considering : (1) margin gained during an SBO, (2) margin gained during abnormal and accident events, and (3) cost/benefit considerations related to implementation.