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第7回先導原子力研究所コロキウム “全吸収分光法による核構造の研究” 8/6開催

  • 講師:アレハンドロ アルゴーラ博士 (Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular (Valencia, Spain) and RIKEN Nishina Center (Wako, Japan))
  • 日時:2019年8月6日(火) 15:00~16:30
  • 場所:大岡山キャンパス 北2号館 6階 会議室
  • 発表言語:英語

Total absorption spectroscopy can provide beta decay data free from the systematic error called the Pandemonium effect. Applying this technique can be relevant for nuclear structure studies that require a proper determination of the distribution of the beta strength in the daughter nucleus. In this presentation, the study of the beta decay of the very exotic 100Sn decay at the RIBF facility at RIKEN will be presented. Additionally the study of the beta decay of 186Hg will also be shown.