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Industrial Collaboration

Research cooperation with the industry

At the Institute of Innovative Research (IIR), we hope to create new industrial technology to meet the needs of the times, and contribute to the realization of a prosperous future society through cooperative research with the industry. Currently, the following cooperative research projects are under way:

  • ”Needs Research”: to solve a variety of problems and issues that corporations face by reverting to basic rules and principles.
  • ”Seeds Research”: proposes and provides seeds for future businesses with a long-term perspective.
  • “Alliance Research”: initiatives for issues shared by multiple corporations in non-competitive areas.
  • “Collaboration Research”: a fusion of corporations of differing fields that goes beyond industries and business types with the university at its core.

Various systems

The following systems are in place at the university as a means for specific cooperation in research:

Academic Consultation

Under this program, our faculty member(s) is commissioned by a company to carry out academic consultation as a part of his job at the university.
Research themes that have been clarified can be passed on to the collaborative research program.


Collaborative Research Program

This is an independent research on the common themes of “needs research” and “seeds research” that has been jointly undertaken by corporate researchers and our faculty member(s) on equal footing.


Collaborative Research Chair

It is possible to establish a research organization in the university with contributed capital from corporations for solving fundamental, complex, and long-term problems and issues that they face. After consulting with the corporation and university, at least two specially appointed faculty members from within and outside of the school (including the corporation and its research institution) are assigned to the joint research for a specific period of time (at least two years). It is also possible to divide the research between the corporation and the university and to hire postdoctoral researchers. Examples of collaborative research chair currently offered at IIR are shown in this list.


Contact Us

If you are interested in this type of research for your corporation, please contact the “RMO, Institute of Innovative Research.”

RMO, Institute of Innovative Research.