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Making Donations to IIR !

We welcome your support for the Institute of Innovative Research. On April 1, 2016, the Institute for Innovative Research was launched, which consists of four research laboratories, three research centers, and 11 research units, which will conduct cutting-edge research in small teams. The Institute of Innovative Research is an organization that leads the way in innovative science and technology, enabling us to reform research and realize the creation of true innovations.

The progress of science and technology in the 21st century has revolutionized the economy and society around us. Today, many people realize that factors such as information, people, organizations, and the economy are automatically connected across the world. Furthermore, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and/or Internet of Things (IoT) that generates new values is evolving, changing our lifestyle, and developing a new market economy. The fundamental aspects of science and technology, such as materials, chemistry, energy, electronics, and machines, have made it possible to implement information technology closer to people. Furthermore, underlying technology, such as life science and artificial intelligence, which influences people and their lifestyle, is also an important genre of science and technology. Currently, when innovations are advancing to a higher level across the world, we feel social expectations placed on the work of the institute, which creates various front-line technologies, particularly as we realize that all sorts of technologies play an important role in research and development.

In response to such major changes, the Institute of Innovative Research at the Tokyo Institute of Technology would like to make significant contributions to solutions for social issues as well as future industrial development as an organization, that fulfill the role of creating technologies ranging from fundamental technologies to applied technologies, bearing in mind the synergistic effect of collaborative research between excellent internal and external knowledge.

We will strive to create new values by linking a value chain dynamically from technologies such as resources, chemicals, energy, electronics, machinery, including life science and information science, which, in turn, allow for considerable and valuable contributions toward realizing a sustainable society. We look forward to your support.

Director-General, Institute of Innovative Research (IIR)

Methods of contribution

We are seeking various kind of support such as the enhancement of various scholarships, support for students to study overseas and for inviting foreign students, large-scale support for young researchers, and support for the promotion of science education. One can make a contribution with a credit card when applying to be a supporter.

Please see “Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund” below for details.


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