Institute of Innovative Research, 
Tokyo Institute of Technology.



Tokyo Institute of Technology reorganized its research system with the aim of accelerating the enhancement of and promoting its research capabilities. To that end, the Institute of Innovate Research(IIR) was established on April 1, 2016, with approximately 180 teachers, and promotes research in new and integrated fields. Currently, the IIR has four laboratories, each with its own distinct mission, five research centers, and 12 cutting-edge research units with small teams conducting the work.

The mission of IIR from the beginning has been to create new research areas, promote interdisciplinary research, solve problems in society, foster future industrial infrastructure, and strengthen industry-academia collaboration. This organization is expected to contribute to finding solutions to social and industrial issues as well as develop human resources to lead academic and industrial fields of the future by using scientific and technological knowledge to create new value. The organizations within IIR, which are located on the Suzukakedai and Ookayama campuses, conduct cutting-edge research in a wide range of fields, including life science, chemistry, materials, energy, electronic information, machinery, and disaster prevention. While respecting the individual ideas of researchers, IIR aims to continue to amass knowledge and contribute to society through the cooperation of its organizations.

Tokyo Institute of Technology was appointed as a Designated National University by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on March 20, 2018 in recognition of its ability to develop educational and research activities at an international level. As an organization that engages in a vast range of science and technology activities, from innovative basic research to applied technology, IIR will contribute to the endeavors as the Designated National University through creative research efforts and advanced human resource development.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

April 1, 2020

Director-General, Institute of Innovative Research (IIR)

Toru Hisabori