Institute of Innovative Research, 
Tokyo Institute of Technology.


Research Laboratories

We are conducting front-line research in a wide range of fields. The aims of this research are as follows: to create new research areas; to promote interdisciplinary research; to solve problems found in human society; to strengthen industry−academia collaboration; and to foster a future industrial base.
The research involves four research organizations in four different fields: Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology, Laboratory for Materials and Structures, Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science, and Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy.


Research Center

Our aim is to make social contributions by enhancing our research capabilities and creating new knowledge through the maximum use of the various advantages inherited from the research units and by developing the organizations for our research base.
It consists of seven research organizations.


Research Unit

The establishment of Research Units allows Tokyo Tech to select prominent research leaders and topics in fields where growth is expected in the future, and to provide funding, space, and human resources to individual projects. The system places priority on promoting cutting-edge research, and allows researchers at other universities, institutions, and companies to participate in joint projects.


Organization for Fundamental Research

At the Tokyo Institute of Technology, our aim is to make contributions to the advancement of science and technology by fostering human resources and producing world-class researchers who are capable of promoting original and seminal research while being aware of social expectations and responsibilities.