Institute of Innovative Research, 
Tokyo Institute of Technology.


  • Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (FIRST)

    Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (FIRST) of Tokyo Tech is dedicated to foster human society’s future development and prosperity by promoting technical progress in industry to meet needs of the era. FIRST creates the new industrial technologies by fusion of mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, metallurgy, environmental engineering, disaster prevention engineering, social engineering, chemical engineering, and physical electronics. FIRST focuses on not only science and engineering, but also humanities and sociology, such as industrial sociology, economics and law, to promote interdisciplinary researches. The ultimate target is to conduct advanced science and engineering researches that will lead to creation of new industrial technologies to realize the prosperous future of the world.

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    Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (FIRST)

  • Laboratory for Materials and Structures (MSL)

    MSL aims to create the innovative materials with conspicuous properties and functions via interdisciplinary materials science based on inorganic materials extending to metals and organic materials. The ultimate goals of our lab include: a. Development of innovative materials based on novel concepts; b. Design of innovative materials in pursuit of novel guiding principles based on underlying materials science and theories in different scientific fields; c. Contribution to the solution of social problems, including safety and environmental problems, through the application of innovative structures and materials.

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    Laboratory for Materials and Structures (MSL)

  • Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science (CLS)

    Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science (CLS), which consists of four major divisions- “molecular synthesis”, “molecular materials design”, “molecular functions” and “molecular bioscience”, carries out a wide range of researches on molecular science and engineering, covering not only fundamental and applied chemistry but also life science. By bringing domestic and international research activities together, CLS aims at creating new principles of molecular-based chemistry and bioscience and thereby making breakthroughs for the next generation science and technology. The final goal of CLS is to contribute to the realization of sustainable development of human society through front-line chemical researches.

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    Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science (CLS)

  • Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy (LANE)

    As one of the top laboratories leading the applied research as well as pursuing the scientific principles related to nuclear energy, LANE aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the world. The fundamental research of peaceful use of nuclear energy is of great significance to solve the global energy shortage and carbon dioxide emission problems. Innovative nuclear energy systems research, actinide management research, global nuclear security research, advanced radiation medical research are promoted as mission-driven researches. The laboratory also studies some important issues Japanese society has to cope with – reactor decommissioning toward recovery from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident and environmental pollution recovery.

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    Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy (LANE)