Institute of Innovative Research, 
Tokyo Institute of Technology.

IIR Research Fellow

Introduction of Research Fellow Program

The institute is introducing a new research graduate fellowship. We are now receiving applications from those wishing to join the program.
Graduate students (1st to 3rd year doctoral students in the 2020 financial year) who meet the criteria below and apply for a research fellowship will, if approved by the institute, be eligible for compensation for work related to research and research support activities. By retaining selected doctoral students as research fellows, this program aims to provide students with financial support, increase engagement with the institute and allow students to further develop their research skills. Participating students will also be able to note their involvement in the program on university business cards and other stationary.

Criteria for application

  • 1. The student’s supervisor much be associated with the IIR
  • 2. The provision of research funding from the student’s laboratory of more than ¥210,000 per year. This sum is included in the total annual wage of ¥840,000. (If the hiring period is a half of year, the amount is ¥420,000)
  • 3. Applicants can receive TSUBAME Scholarship or TRA.

Students unable to apply for this program

  • 1. Students studying under an international scholarship program offered by the Japanese or a foreign government.
  • 2. Students receiving a JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, WISE program RAs and RIKEN JRA students.
  • 3. Mature-age doctoral students.
  • 4. Students unable to receive a salary from the university due to employment restrictions of any form.
  • 5. Students that are enrolled but have not graduated within the duration of the regular doctoral degree program (‘overdoctor’ students)


Job description:

Maintenance and operation of research projects and shared facilities associated with the IIR (a part of shared facilities will be moved to the ‘Open Facility Center’ as of FY2020).

Annual Salary:

¥840,000 (If the hiring period is a half of year, the amount is ¥420,000)


Application deadline: 24th January, 2020.

Announcement of results: End of February, 2020.

Application documents:

1 set of electronic and original (with supervisor's seal) documents 1 and 2 (below) must be submitted (replace “Name” with your name).

Please download the files from the following.

Document submission:

Group 1, Institute Administrative Office
mail box: S2-1, IIR Administrative Office Room 105, 1st floor, S2 Building, Suzukakedai


  • Documents must be submitted by laboratories as a single document for all applying students. Direct applications from students will not be accepted. For electronic versions of application documents, please attach the documents to an email addressed to the administrative office. The subject of this email should be “Research Fellow Application”.
  • In the event that the electronic submission is made on behalf of the supervising researcher (PI), for example by a secretary, please indicate that the application has been endorsed by the supervising researcher.
  • Please submit hard copies of documents 1 and 2 to the address listed above. These documents should be printed in color, with document 2 printed double-sided and stapled at the top-left corner.

IIR, Institute Administration Group 1