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Call for Applications to FY2021 IIR Research Fellow Program (Fall Semester)

The Institute of Innovative Research (IIR) established the IIR Research Fellow Program in April 2020, and we have now started receiving applications for the FY 2021 fall semester. Under the program, doctoral students who meet the criteria below and apply for a research fellowship will, if approved by the Institute, be employed by the IIR and paid for research and supporting activities. By retaining selected doctoral students as research fellows, this program aims to provide students with financial support, increase engagement with the Institute, and allow students to further develop their research skills. Participating students can note their involvement in the program on their business cards.
In this program, the IIR plans to employ students for multiple years. At the end of FY 2021, however, the research achievements submitted by participants will be reviewed to determine continuation in the following year.
If you wish to apply to this program, please notify your intention to your academic supervisor after thoroughly understanding its purpose.

Eligible students

  • 1. Students who will enroll in or advance to doctoral programs in September 2021
  • 2. First- to third-year doctoral students who have not been IIR Research Fellows, excluding those who are expected to complete doctoral programs in September 2021.

Ineligible students

  • 1. Students studying under an international scholarship program offered by the Japanese or a foreign government
  • 2. Students receiving the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, WISE program RAs, RIKEN JRA students, and Advanced Human Resource Development Fellowship students
  • 3. Doctoral students who already have a job and are earning a salary
  • 4. Students unable to receive a salary from Tokyo Tech due to employment restrictions
  • 5. Students who receive (or expect to receive) an RA salary (excluding the IIR Research Fellowship) from Tokyo Tech, and/or salary-based financial support from private foundations, of ¥1,560,000 or more in total in FY2021
    (You must promptly notify Institute Administration Group 1 if, after applying to this program, you notice that the total amount you receive for FY2021 is going to exceed ¥1,560,000.)
  • 6. Students that are enrolled but have not graduated within the standard duration of doctoral degree programs (Consult with us individually if you have special reasons such as studying abroad.)
    Note: If there are any other questions, academic supervisors must inquire with the director-general (Students are not to inquire.)

Application criteria

  • 1. The student’s academic supervisor (or expected academic supervisor) must be associated with the IIR.
  • 2. The student’s academic supervisor (or expected academic supervisor) must approve payment of the following amounts from his/her laboratory’s research funds (e.g., institutional operating expense funds, external funds, and donations for education and research): an annual salary of ¥210,000 or more, or a half-year salary of ¥105,000 or more (for students who complete doctoral programs in September); when the student is employed in the following year as well, an annual salary of ¥210,000 or more, or half-year salary of ¥105,000 or more (for students who complete doctoral programs in September), in the following year. The amounts of these payments will be included in the total annual salary payment of ¥840,000 or a half-year salary payment of ¥420,000 (for students who complete doctoral programs in September).
  • 3. Applicants can also receive the TSUBAME Scholarship while participating in this program.


Job description:

Maintenance and operation of research projects and shared facilities associated with the IIR (Part of the shared facilities are managed by the Open Facility Center.)

Annual Salary:

¥420,000 (half-year salary)

Application deadline:

Friday, September 10, 2021

Announcement of results:

Mid-October, 2021

Employment period:

From November 1, 2021 to the end of February, 2022

Application documents:

Applicants must prepare and submit documents 1 and 2 below to their academic supervisors.
Note: The academic supervisor must submit them to the IIR Administration Group 1.

Please download the application form from the above link.


IIR, Institute Administration Group 1 (ResearchFellow)