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Institute of Innovative Research ”Quick Research Project for Safeguarding People and Society”

At the Institute of Innovative Research, we launched the “Research Project for Overcoming Coronavirus Disasters” in June 2020, promoting research across 21 themes. In response to the transition to Category 5 under the Infectious Diseases Control Law in May 2023, we expanded the project’s scope and initiated the “Quick Research Project for Protecting People and Society” (abbreviated as QR Project) to prepare for the next societal crisis.
In the QR Project, we will gather experts with the scientific and technological seeds necessary for solving societal issues, regardless of their affiliation within or outside the university. We will conduct research in a short-term, intensive manner to swiftly address the pressing issues.

The research focus of the QR Project encompasses societal issues that require swift solutions, including unknown infectious diseases, unpredictable major earthquakes, and natural disasters, all of which demand urgent resolution, even within a day. When urgent societal issues arise, the university harnesses its research capabilities to promptly engage in studies aimed at safeguarding people’s lives and society. Additionally, ten research themes previously pursued under the “Research Project for Overcoming Coronavirus Disasters” will continue to be investigated in the QR Project.

Research Themes

Diagnostics and Vaccines
Platform for rapid development of one-pot diagnostics for combating future pandemics
Innovative PCR method for SARS-CoV-2

Medical Devices
Magnetically levitated centrifugal blood pumps for ECMO
Development of flexible near-infrared image sensors
Remote vital sensing (Detection of human posture in a closed room)

Virus Removal and Inactivation
Fast and non-contact sterilization/virus inactivation using atmospheric plasmas
An air purification device with large capacity
Deposition and evaluation of antibacterial and antiviral properties of DLC films

Future Projections
Observation of social and economic phenomena and future predictions based on mathematical models

Work Style Reform
Video conferencing service that allows multiple conversations

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