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Accelerating social implementation of next-generation 3D stacked semiconductor technology

Tokyo Tech WOW Alliance and NCKU Agree on Technical Partnership for 3D Integrated Technology based on BBCube

The Tokyo Institute of Technology WOW Alliance and NCKU have agreed on a technical partnership for social implementation of Next-generation 3D integrated technology based on BBCube (Bumpless Build Cube). This is the first Japan-Taiwanese academia alliance for next-generation 3D integration processes. Plans to achieve commercialization will proceed through the BBCube business alliance. NCKU has joined the Tokyo Tech WOW Alliance to participate in research and development of next-generation 3D technology. This includes the construction and testing of a BBCube pilot manufacturing line within the university, as well as developing the necessary human resources for its operation.

A BBCube business alliance was concluded with TEX, a company established by Professor Takayuki Ohba of Tokyo Tech, Institute of Innovative Research. TEX will provide the transfer of WOW Technology, and COW Technology, both based on the BBCube platform, to NCKU. Processes, equipment, and materials will be utilized, based on the research achievements of the Tokyo Tech WOW Alliance.

Currently, many universities and affiliated companies are participating in the Tokyo Tech WOW Alliance, and are conducting research and development of next-generation semiconductor 3D technology. As industry is entering an age when production yields of cutting-edge semiconductor devices become saturated, due to the increase in invisible defects at the atomic scale, COW chiplet integration and WOW wafer stacking technology becomes ever more important. This Japan-Taiwan collaboration has been formed in response to this need, making product and market orientation seamless, It is expected to promote basic development of post-miniaturization 3D integrated technology and social implementation, as well as strengthening the semiconductor supply chain. The plan is to establish a pilot manufacturing line for R&D at NCKU by the end of 2023, and sequentially apply WOW and COW production processes as BBCube platform technologies.