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A paper by Assoc. Prof. Joon-wan Kim and his colleagues was accepted as a representative paper of Small, and published as Front Cover

The paper accepted for publication in Small (IF: 13.281) has been selected as a Front Cover study (representative study of this issue) of the journal and has been officially published.

  • Author: Assoc. Prof. Joon-wan KIM,Tatsuya Matsubara,Jong Seob Choi, Deok-Ho Kim
  • Journal: Small(IF:13.281)
  • Selection: Front cover (Volume 18, Issue 15)


Volume, Issue: 18, Issue 15(April 14, 2022))

Cover Picture:

Matsubara, T., Choi, J. S., Kim, D. H., & Kim, J. W. (2022). A Microfabricated Pistonless Syringe Pump Driven by Electro‐Conjugate Fluid with Leakless On/Off Microvalves. Small, Volume 18, Issue 15, 2106221.