Institute of Innovative Research, 
Tokyo Institute of Technology.



Held 2nd WEB Seminar with Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • Date and Time: September 24, 2020 , 16:00-18:00
  • Number of people: 68


Research Center for Biomedical Engineering (RCBE)has created a series of web-based medical-engineering seminars with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in order to put the research results to practical use and deepen collaboration with companies. The seminar participants are about 700 manufacturers and distributors of medical devices in Tokyo. This time, lecturers centered on three young researchers from the Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (FIRST) of Tokyo Institute of Technology. The number of WEB participants on the day was 68 (14 manufacturing and sales companies, 12 manufacturing companies, 20 research institutes, 1 administrative / public institution, 3 others, 18 people involved). In the introduction, Prof. Ohtake (Director) gave us the overview of the FIRST, and three speakers were introduced. First topic was “Research and Development of Medical Shape Memory Alloys ” given by Associate Professor Masaki Tahara, which inspired our medical-device images. “Trajectory generation of machine tools and industrial robots” by Assistant Professor Shingo Tajima gave us the amazing progress of robot-arm controls. The last topic was “Development of micro pumps and micro-actuators” by Assistant Professor Dong Han of RCBE Core, showing tiny motors using unique magnets. Dr. Kazuo Tanishita, President of Nippon Medical Engineering Manufacturing Commons, gave us a closing remarks. The audiences gave many questions using a chat function of Zoom, which made active discussions. Next lectures is scheduled on October 29 given by RCBE members in Hiroshima University, and on December 9 by Shizuoka University.

The following is an overview (excerpt) of Director Ohtake’s research institute.