Institute of Innovative Research, 
Tokyo Institute of Technology.



New member

Dr.Naoto Ohtake, Directoer-General, handed out the letter of appointment.
the date of announcement was April 1st 2024.

Vice Director General, IIR


Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology

Assoc. prof. Yuki HIRATA
Assoc. prof. Tadashi ISHIDA
Assoc. prof. Yu SEKIGUCHI

The following a member was delivered the letter of appointment at Ookayama Campus.
Asst. Prof. Lin WENBO

Laboratory for Materials and Structures

Assoc. prof. Masafumi ISHIKAWA
Assoc. prof. Saeko YANAKA
Assoc. prof. Chun-Yi Chen
Assoc. prof. Seiichiro IZAWA
Assoc. prof. Azusa OOI (FIRST)
Asst. Prof. Naoki NOHIRA (FIRST)
Asst. Prof. Ryutaro MATSUMURA (FIRST)

Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science

Assoc. prof. Yasunobu ANDO
Asst. Prof. Ryoma SASAKI

Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy

It was delivered the letter of appointment at Ookayama Campus.
prof. Hiroshi SAGARA
Assoc. prof. Shintaro YASUI
Asst. Prof. Riku ENOMOTO

Cell Biology Center

Prof. Fumi KANO
Asst. Prof. Keisuke MOCHIDA

Multidisciplinary Resilience Research Center

Asst. Prof. Yinli CHEN