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Students(Yamaguchi-Kuroki Group) received Excellent Poster Award in SCEJ 54th Autumn Meeting

Conferrer: The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ)
Date: September 12, 2023

Excellent Poster Award at SY-67 in SCEJ 54th Autumn Meeting (Division of Biochemical Engineering)

Winner: Erika TABATA (M2)
Title: Development of electrochemical aptasensor using membrane pores as a molecular reaction space

Excellent Poster Award at SY-75 in SCEJ 54th Autumn Meeting (Division of Energy Engineering)

Winner: Kento SASAKI(M2)
Title: Structural control and performance analysis of carbon-free catalyst layers using connected Pt-Co nanoparticle catalysts for PEFCs

Excellent Poster Award at SY-79 in SCEJ 54th Autumn Meeting (Division of Materials and Interfaces)

Winner: Yotaro FUJII(M2)
Title: Development of Ni foam-supported non-precious metal catalysts via electrodeposition for anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer

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