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Tokyo Institute of Technology.



Students(Okino Lab) received four awards including The Royal Society of Chemistry JAAS poster prize at Tsukuba Seminar 2023

Conferrer: The Japan Society for PLASMA Spectrochemistry
Award date: July 6, 2023

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry poster prize

Award Winner: Masaya Tahara (B4)
Award: Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry poster prize
Title: 注射プラズマプローブを用いた生体模擬試料中の薬剤分析

Best Presentation Award

Award Winner: Junnosuke Furuya (M1)
Award: Best Presentation Award
Title: コンタミネーションの少ない大気圧リニア型プラズマの開発

Young Scientist Award

Award Winner: Kai Fukuchi (M1)
Award: Young Scientist Award
Title: フローサイトメーターを用いた単一細胞分析のための脱溶媒装置の開発

Flash Presentation Award

Award Winner: Yuya Shimizu (M1)
Award: Flash Presentation Award
Title: 異なる条件の原子励起を実現するための3段階強度変調プラズマ