Institute of Innovative Research, 
Tokyo Institute of Technology.



164th MSL Lecture 6/27

  • Time and Date: June 27, 2023  14:00 – 17:00
  • Place: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Suzukakedai Campus Room 2001,J3 Building
  • Language: English

Subject & Detail

Time Theme Speaker
14:00 – 14:50 Observations after the 2023 Kahramanmaras earthquake sequence and machine learning-based strength prediction of existing RC shear walls Prof. Zeynep Deger
(Istanbul Technical Univ., Turkey)
15:00 – 15:50 Post-Earthquake Assessment and Rehabilitation of Damaged Government Buildings in Mamuju, West Sulawesi Prof. Iswandi Imran
(Bandung Inst. of Technology, Indonesia)
16:00 – 16:25 Discussion on safety factors for designing reinforced concrete members Prof. David Mukai
(Univ. of Wyoming, USA)
16:25 – 16:50 Residual capacity of reinforcing steel bars in reinforced concrete structures Mr. Ryo Kuwabara
(PhD candidate, U. of Auckland, NZ)

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