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Seiichi Tejima Research Award 2022

Conferrer:  Tokyo Institute of Technology
Award:  Seiichi Tejima Research Award
Date:  March 14, 2023

Doctoral Dissertation Award

Life Science and Technology

Award Winner:  Asst. Prof. Takanobu YASUDA(CLS, IIR)
Title:  高性能な蛍光・発光免疫センサー創出のための分子設計とその解析

Materials Science and Engineering

Award Winner:  Naoki Nohira (FIRST , IIR)
Title:  Ti-Mo-Al高温形状記憶合金のα”マルテンサイト時効に関する研究

Invention Award

Award Winner:  Prof. Hiroshi UEDA (CLS , IIR)
Title:  抗原検出または測定用キット

Fujino-Nakamura Young Researcher Award

Award Winner:  Asst. Prof. Yuya TANAKA (CLS , IIR)
Title:  金属錯体ナノ材料における単一分子機能の創出

International Student Research Award

Award Winner:  Li Ruixiao
Title:  Solid-State Slow-Light Beam Scanner With Ultra-Large Field of View and High Resolution

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