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Honorary Professor Kenichi Iga Awarded 2022 Wiley-IEEE Press Professional Book Award

Kenichi Iga, Honorary Professor/Former President of Tokyo Institute of Technology received the 2022 Wiley-IEEE Press Professional Book Award. This award is granted in recognition of excellent technical books published by Wiley-IEEE Press. The subject of the award is “VCSEL Industry: Communications and Sensing,” a specialized book on surface-emitting lasers published in 2021 with Honorary Professor Iga as one of the authors (Babu Dayal Padullaparthi, Jim Taum, and Kenichi Iga).

Award Winner:  Kenichi Iga, Honorary Professor
Conferrer:  Tokyo Institute of Technology received the 2022
Award:  Wiley-IEEE Press Professional Book Award
Subject of Award:  VCSEL Industry: Communications and Sensing
Award date:  February 1, 2023

Comment from Honorary Professor Kenichi Iga

This book is the product of a recommendation by the IEEE Communications Society. The three authors living in the United States, Hong Kong, and Japan began preparations for the book in 2020, just when COVID-19 was spreading around the world. This prevented us from meeting face-to-face. We held many remote editorial meetings, and thoroughly discussed both the chapters we were assigned as well as each other’s writing. I think this writing project actually benefited from being done remotely. And after about two years, we managed to get it published in December 2021.

Taking into consideration that the surface-emitting laser I invented has reached the stage of industrialization and is spreading all over the world, the content has been written for industrial professionals rather than academics. This is an easy-to-read B5-size (extended version) 323-page book with many photographs provided by specialist companies. An electronic version is also available for international access.