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[deadline]Assistant Professor-Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science (Molecular Bioscience)

It is past the deadline.

Position Title Assistant Professor
Number of Openings 1
Area of Specialization Basic and Applied Biosciences of Microbes in the Research Fields of Molecular Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology
Job Description (1)The successful candidate will be required to carry out, in collaboration with Prof. Kan Tanaka, researches on basic and applied biosciences in the research fields of molecular genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology of metabolism, and biotechnology using microbes including bacteria, yeasts, algae (including prokaryotic and eukaryotic), and organelles, in the “Molecular Bioscience” field of Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science.
(2) The successful candidate will be required to engage in research, teach, and supervise graduate and undergraduate students.
(3) The successful candidate will join Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering course, in the School of Life Science and Technology. It includes course and training programs for graduate and undergraduate students.
Proposed Start Date April 1, 2023
Closing Date for Application Applications must be received by December 26, 2022.
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