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Tokyo Institute of Technology.



[deadline]Professor – Laboratory for Materials and Structures

It is past the deadline.

Position Title Professor
Number of Openings 1
*After Tokyo Institute of Technology decides to employee an applicant as a professor, an assistant professor who works with the professor is selected.
Area of Specialization Ultrahigh performance inorganic solid materials
Job Description
  • *Construction of inorganic solid materials that surpass conventional materials in performance by new scientific principles and approaches.
  • *Expanding his/her research into other fields, resulting in significant synergy effects through collaboration with other researchers.
  • *The above missions are carried out with an assistant professor selected after Tokyo Institute of Technology decides to employee an applicant as a professor.
  • *Contribute to management issues of Institute of Innovative Research and Laboratory for Materials and Structures.
  • *For education, give classes for undergraduate students in Japanese and for graduate students in English.
  • *Supervise undergraduate and graduate students for their research in Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Materials and Chemical Technology.
Proposed Start Date April 1, 2023, or the earliest possible date thereafter
Closing Date for Application Applications must be received by September 16, 2022
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