Institute of Innovative Research, 
Tokyo Institute of Technology.



New member

Dr.Naoto Ohtake, Directoer-General, handed out the letter of appointment.
the date of announcement was April 1st 2022.

Vice Director General, IIR

Prof. Kentaro Nakamura
Prof. Masaaki Fujii
Prof. Yukitaka Kato

Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology

Prof. Tadashi Ishihara (MSL)
Assoc. prof. Atsushi Shirane
Asst. Prof. Yohei Aikawa
Asst. Prof. Ze Jin
Asst. Prof. Sujan Pradhan (MSL)
Asst. Prof. Akira Umise
Asst. Prof. Dongbo Zhou

Laboratory for Materials and Structures

Assoc. prof. Masaaki Kitano
Assoc. prof. Satoru Matsuishi
Asst. Prof. Tomoyuki Kurioka (FIRST)
Asst. Prof. Junghwan Kim
Asst. Prof. Masayoshi Miyazaki

Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science

Assoc. prof. Tomohisa Sawada
Asst. Prof. Miho Aizawa
Asst. Prof. Hiroto Okuyama
Asst. Prof. Kyohei Hisano
Asst. Prof. Takanobu Yasuda

Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy

Prof. Yoshihisa Matsumoto
Prof. Yoichi Murakami
Prof. Hiroki Takasu

Cell Biology Center

Asst. Prof. Alexander Ian May

The three members of the Future of Humanity Research Center were delivered the letter of appointment at Ookayama Campus.

Prof. Hugh de Ferranti (Future of Humanity Research Center)
Lecturer Yoshimi Takuwa (Future of Humanity Research Center)
Asst. Prof. Aya Kawamura (Future of Humanity Research Center)