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MLS&FIRST Lecture Meeting (4th MLS Lecture Meeting)

Lecture summary

Prof. Kirk shared his experiences of the works on Vanadium Flow Battery. The lecture covered the fundamental mechanisms involved in a flow-type battery and why vanadium is used. In addition, Prof. Kirk also introduced the problems encountered in practical application of the technology. During the Q&A section, a lot of the discussions were made on the practical problems such as the cost in capital cost of a vanadium flow battery plant, and the possible solutions to lower the cost of the vanadium metal.

  • Time and Date: June 24, 2016, 14:00-15:00
  • Place: R2-Bldg. Seminar Room #2 (1F)
  • Title: Vanadium Flow battery - a solution to grid energy storage
  • Speaker: Prof. Donald W. Kirk
    University of Toronto Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
  • Number of participants: 9