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Students of Sagara Lab receive Award from INMMJ

  • Conferrer: Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Japan Chapter
  • Date: November 20, 2020

the 41st Annual Meeting of INMM Japan Chapter

  • Award Winners: Koji Tsutsui (D2)
  • Award: 優秀論文賞
  • Title: Institutional and Technical Measures for Rational Nuclear Safeguards of Next Generation Nuclear Fuel Cycle (2) Effect on Reduction of Person-Days of Inspection by New Partnership Approach
  • Award Winners: Natsumi Mitsuboshi (D1)
  • Award: 最優秀発表賞
  • Title: Feasibility study on small and medium modular light water reactors with inherent nuclear safety and non-proliferation features using U3Si2 fuel and RepU
  • Award Winners: Akito Oizumi (D1)
  • Award: 最優秀発表賞
  • Title: Non-proliferation Features in Partitioning and Transmutation Cycle using Accelerator-driven System- Evaluation of Material Attractiveness of Fuel Assembly in Early Period of Burnup Cycle -
  • Award Winners: Yuichi Kagayama (M1)
  • Award: 優秀発表賞
  • Title: Light Water Reactor Type Discrimination Method Using Fuel Nuclide Composition Information