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129th MSL Lecture (Dr Kazunari Yamaura) 11/13

  • Time and Date: November 13, 2020   14:30-
  • Place: This lecture will be held online. (Zoom webinar)
  • Language: English
  • Intended for: Researcher ,undergraduate students, graduate students, Academic and administrative staff

Subject & Detail

Speaker: Dr Kazunari Yamaura (National Institute for Materials Science)

New materials research and functional development of perovskite-related osmium oxides

In this talk, I will introduce recent activities of research of osmium oxides, which have been synthesized by a high-pressure and high-temperature method. The topic includes the double perovskite oxide Sr2CrOsO6 with a 3d3–5d3 configuration, which has been known to exhibit very high-TC ferrimagnetism (~725 K) at the endpoint of half-metallicity. Many substitution studies have been conducted theoretically and experimentally over the last two decades to shed more light on the open issue of how the 3d3–5d3 configuration generates the high-TC ferrimagnetic state and to accelerate development toward applications. In our study, we have succeeded in synthesizing a novel solid solution of Sr2Cr1–xNixOsO6 under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. Sr2Cr0.5Ni0.5OsO6 exhibits magnetization six-fold greater (~1.2 μB/formula unit at 5 K) than that of Sr2CrOsO6. This enhancement is preserved even at room temperature. Other topics may also be introduced briefly.