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The 4th International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering(ISBE2019)

RCBE (Research Center for Biomedical Engineering) held the 4th international symposium at Act City Hamamatsu in November 14 and 15. The international symposium have been held every year, and Shizuoka University was the host-coordinator this year.
Opening remarks were given by Prof. Kiyoshi Ishii, President of Shizuoka University and Mr. Tomonori Nishii, Director of Academic Institution, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science. Then Prof. Miyahara, Director of Institute of Biomedical and Biomaterial Laboratory, introduced the recent activity of RCBE. During the two-day conference, 5 invited speakers from overseas, 8 researchers from RCBE, 4 collaborators, and 4 industry researchers gave a lecture on the latest research results. In addition, 132 posters were presented by young researchers. The number of participants was 224 (including 50 overseas researchers) from biomaterials, biosensors, therapeutic methods, diagnostic devices, drug delivery systems, functional molecules, bio-MEMS, robotics, biomedical devices / systems, biometrics fields. Researchers in various fields such as simulation and characterization, biomarkers, and nano-micro devices discussed intensively.
In the poster sessions, there were active conversations between researchers in Japan and overseas, and 8 excellent poster awards were selected from 132 presentations. In addition, as a first attempt, the booths of private companies such as bio-diagnostic systems were exhibited. Finally, the closing remark was given by Prof. Seiichiro Higashi, Director of Research Institute for Nano-devices and Biotechnology of Hiroshima University, as a next year host.
This symposium became a valuable and meaningful opportunity for researchers, collaborators, and young researchers from different fields in Japan and abroad to actively interact and lead to further joint research in next year.

  • Date: November 14-15 , 2019
  • Venue: Act City Congress Center, Hamamatsu, Japan
  • Program
  • Number of people: 224