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Yosuke Mizuno et al. receive “LSA Outstanding Paper Award 2018” from Springer Nature

Asst. Prof. Yosuke Mizuno and Prof. Kentaro Nakamura, FIRST, IIR, and their group members received the LSA Outstanding Paper Award 2018 from Springer Nature for their paper “Ultrahigh-speed distributed Brillouin reflectometry” (published in Light: Science & Applications, vol. 5, e16184 (2016)). The awarding ceremony was given at Light Conference 2019 (LC 2019) held in Changchun, China, on July 17.

  • Prize Winners: Asst. Prof. Yosuke MIZUNO,Prof. Kentaro NAKAMURA and group members
  • Conferrer: Springer Nature
  • Prize: LSA Outstanding Paper Award 2018
  • Title: Ultrahigh-speed distributed Brillouin reflectometry(Light: Science & Applications, vol. 5, e16184(2016))
  • Award date: July 17, 2019