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第13回先導原子力研究所コロキウム”密度汎関数断裂力学に基づく断裂中性子の多重度の研究” 10/30開催

  • 講師:ニコラエ カルジャン(National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering ’Horia Hulubei ’ , Bucharest, Romania)
  • 日時:2019年10月30日(水) 15:00~16:30
  • 場所:大岡山キャンパス 北2号館 6階 会議室
  • 発表言語:英語


The time evolution of the nuclear density of the fissioning system 240Pu during the scission process is obtained from the time-dependent superfluid local-density approximation (TDSLDA) to the density functional theory and a phenomenological dynamical scission model (DSM).
We find that multiplicity of scission neutron =1.347, i.e. half of the prompt fission neutrons measured in the reaction 239Pu(nth,f) are released at scission.