Tokyo Tech Exhibition Space

 All kinds of new technologies developed at the Tokyo Institute of Technology go on to benefit society and help give birth to new industries. The Exhibition Space is dedicated to showcasing newly developed original technologies in environment, biotechnology, materials, information, functional machinery and other fields, and outcomes from the transfer of those technologies. The Exhibition Space is open to the general public, and anyone can visit.



List of Exhibits

PDFファイルA Layout of Exhibition Space
No. Exhibition title Laboratory name
1 Surgical Robot System with Force Display Using Pneumatic Actuators Tadano Lab.
Development of Aminolevulinic Acid(ALA) for the Medical Field Ogura Lab.
3 Porous Scaffold for Regeneration of  Articular Cartilage Ikoma Lab.
4 Atmospheric Plasma Engineering and Applications Okino Lab.
5 Transparent  Metals from Cements,Transparent Transistors from Glasses and  Superconductors from lron-based compounds Hosono Lab.
6 Physics and Attention driven Characters Hasegawa Lab.
7 Kobito - Virtual Brownies - Rogiken
Hasegawa Lab.
8 Bari- bariⅡ:Rescue Robot with Debris Opening Tsukagoshi Lab.
9 Non contact transportation of small object /plate using ultrasonic waves  Nakamura Lab.
10 Stuffed toy robot soft to bone Hasegawa Lab.
11 Advancingcommercialization of all-solid-state batteries using solid electrolytes Kanno Lab.
12 Tokyo Tech Challenge: Toward a safe and 
secure low carbon society
-Environmental Energy Innovation Building-[1] [2]
Tsukamoto Lab.
Takeuchi Lab.
Ihara Lab.
13 An Ultra-small Accelerometer for High-resolution Sensing Masu Lab.
14 An Ultra-Low Power IC for Battery-Less Wireless communication Masu Lab.
15 Passive Control Wall to Protect Houses against Earthquake Kasai & Sakata Lab.
Nobelprize Medal Replica Ohsumi Lab.
Coelacanth Replica  
Model of Edo Castle large hall  
  ---Function machine