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J. YOKOTA. and K. TAKAHASHI (Shishido-Kubo Group) receives JLCS Kousai Poster Award and JLCS Student Poster Award

Junki YOKOTA and Kaito TAKAHASHI (Shishido-Kubo Group) receive JLCS Kousai Poster Award and JLCS Wakaba Poster Award in the Japanese Liquid Crystal Conference 2022.

JLCS Kousai Poster Award

  • Award Winner: Junki YOKOTA (M2)
  • Award: Kousai Poster Award
  • Title: 色素ドープ液晶の非線形分子配向挙動におけるホスト構造の効果

JLCS Wakaba Poster Award

  • Award Winner: Kaito TAKAHASHI (M1)
  • Award: Wakaba Poster Award
  • Title: 動く光を利用した液晶性ブロック共重合体の合成とナノ構造形成

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