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Director-General’s message


The development of science and technology in the 21st century has widely reformed both the economy and public opinion. Today, there is a consensus in the world information technology quickly brings about new value by combining information, individuals, organizations, and economics. The fundamental technologies that speed up the development of information technology are material, chemistry, and energy technologies. Fundamental technologies which strongly influence human life come from the areas of life science and artificial intelligence. It is therefore clear that these science and technology fields are the keys to the sustainable development of human society.

The Institute of Innovative Research(IIR),established in April 2016, is ready to take the lead in these fields and therebyplay an important role in societal evaluation and development.

IIR’s overall goal is to make substantial contributions to the rapid solution of existing social problems and the sustainable development of future industry by conducting successful research on both basic technology and application technology. In the future, we hope to see our organization take a leading position in science and technology and make significant impact on social infrastructure, economic development,and human life.

Kazuya Masu


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